Successfully Using Worm Tea In The Community & Market Garden...

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own worm composting operation to help power your garden, no matter how small or large, then I thought this might interest you…

“Hi Duncan,

I thought you might be interested to know that at a community garden I work at in New Zealand we have been using aerated vermicompost tea (not leachate) for two large plastic tunnel houses to keep down aphids and white fly and improve plant health generally and it has been working.

I have initiated this practice as a result of what I have read in your newsletter and the book I got from you online. I have learned so much from you.

I have become known as the worm nerd or the worm lady and plan to give a workshop on worm farming next year so I can help people keep their worm farms healthy and productive.

I have five worm farms here at home. They are all metal with holes in the sides and a big screened hole at the bottom and a metal lid.

Here in NZ we use washing machines that have drums which fit the above description. Of course it is harder to harvest the vermicompost from these, but I have to use them to keep the rats out as we are bush locked at our place and rats destroyed my plastic worm farms.

I have improved the productivity of my farms as a result of your helpful, clear information and appreciate it so much. My worm farms produce lots of worms and lots of vermicompost. I use the vermicompost to make the aerated tea and use it on the orchard, the glass house, my seedlings and my home and market garden.

I have two buckets set up for making the tea so I never run out. I use an aquarium pump and an aerating stone which distributes the bubbles more evenly.

Thanks again for all your helpful info.


Pam Adam”

…it’s awesome to hear Pam is putting this to good use, not only in a community garden, put also her home garden, orchard and market garden too ;-0

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