How To Convert A Bath Tub Into A Worm Farm...

How To Convert A Bath Tub Into A Worm Farm…

Here’s an interesting method of thinking outside the square with your own DIY worm farm.

In the video below you’ll see the conversion of an old bath tub into a pretty nice, decent sized worm composting operation.

If you have a lot of organic waste material to process, and a standard size worm bin just isn’t cutting it anymore, this could be a nice cheap option to up size your operation and provide you with more than enough worm castings for a large garden (especially if you’re also brewing worm tea too).

You could also downsize this concept using an old sink, or even up-size it further using an old chest freezer.

Check it out below…

Converting A Bath Tub Into A Worm Farm

Converting A Bath Tub Into A Worm Farm – Find More Worm Composting Tips Here… http://www.wormfarmingsecrets.comVideo Credit: ABC Landline

Posted by Ecosnippets on Thursday, January 11, 2018


…not a bad DIY worm composting project.

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