Using An Old Bath Tub For Worm Composting

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“I was going to use an old bath tub for my worm farm, would this be okay for my babies…:-)” ~ Wendy

Hi Wendy,

Aan old bath tub would likely serve as an excellent worm bed – especially if it is one of the deep, free-standing tubs.

Two important features of a good worm composting system are: 1) a decent surface-area-to-depth ratio, and 2) some drainage (although, certainly not vital) – a bath tub would likely offer both.

One thing I would highly recommend is that you position your tub with the drain end sitting slightly lower than the other end – this way, any excess water will run down and out through the drain.

You should however place some sort of screen over the hole (I think there are drain plugs used to catch hair etc) to discourage your worms from venturing out.

A system like this would probably work best in an outdoor (preferably shady) location, and you may want to create some sort of make-shift lid (an old board or tarp should work fine) to protect it from heavy downpours.

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