Composting Worms For Trout Fishing

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“Wondering if possible to raise some garden worms for trout fishing purposes starting with some bait shop worms? Thanks” ~ Jeff R

Hi Jeff,

You can certainly help to boost populations of soil dwelling worms in your garden by adding lots of organic matter like leaves and grass clippings and keeping the area moistened, but it is quite difficult to actually raise these worms in containers the way you can with composting worms.

A great worm for trout fishing is the Red Wiggler (Eisenia fetida) – it is small enough to fit on a hook, is durable in the water and as the name implies, is known to wiggle vigorously as well. Unlike garden worms, Red Wigglers CAN be easily raised in containers – and will be more than happy to eat your household fruit/veggie waste.

Not all bait shops carry these worms, and if they do there is a pretty good chance they won’t know the Latin name. Apart from ‘Red Wigglers’, they may be referred to as ‘Red Worms’, ‘Trout Worms’, ‘Tiger Worms’ – so keep your eyes open for one of these.

Hope this helps!

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