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“I have an old bath tub buried in the ground, in which i have my worms. Can’t keep the toads (frogs) out of my worms. Do you have any suggestions?” ~ Alvin Cleckler

Hi Alvin,

That is a great way of recycling your old bath tub!

By digging it underground, it will not only save space and make it look good, it will also help insulate the wormery system from cold weather as the soil helps insulates it from the surrounding weather. Thanks for sharing!

Frogs are great for the garden.

Snails and slugs are one of their diets, and having a good population of frogs will prevent snails and slugs from chewing on your plants. So you don’t want to get rid of your frogs!

Many gardeners try very hard just to attract frogs into their garden to increase their wildlife variety and benefit their garden, and are reading this with envy!

Although toads and frogs eat many things (including worms!) they are not often a problem for worm farmers.

Earthworms are not frog’s main favorite diet, and are most likely attracted by your wormery system due to the other critters such as beetles and flies.

Having said this, there is still the fear of the frog diminishing your worm population and they can sometimes be annoying if you have a swarm of them!

Protecting your worm in this case is very simple.

You can buy netting or mesh with small enough pores so that worms and other critters can move freely in and out, while keeping the frogs off your worms. The flies will still be able to escape which will provide food for your frogs, and with the frogs in the surroundings they will help solve your fly problems! It is a win:win situation!

So for gardeners who are reading this and are looking to attract frogs into their garden, you will need to provide the frogs food. It may be a good idea then to build a underground wormery!

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