How Do You Get Rid Of Ants?

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“What do the young worms look like? How do you get rid of ants?” ~ Christine

Hi Christine,

I’ve mentioned how young worms look like in the earlier question, but how do you get rid of ants?

Ants are also not something to be overly concerned about unless you have the queen moving in, or a huge infestation affecting the worms feeding.

Ants are afraid of water and so they’re a sign of your system being too dry. You will need to re-wet your system to keep the moisture levels up and soon the ants will start to visit less and less.

If you know ant populations around the area are bad, and you want to prevent them from getting into your system, smearing petroleum jelly across the sides of the bin will stop them from entering your system.

With a small home wormery, placing the legs into a bowl or small container of water will also prevent ants from crawling up the legs into the worm bin!

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