Apple Pulp As Food For Composting Worms

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“Since the fall season is the time for making apple cider, is the apple pulp remaining after extracting the juice good for feeding worms? Thanks” ~ Robert Chandler

Hi Robert,

Worms will process apple pulp, not a problem, but there are a few things to be aware of.

Since the apples are all pulped into almost a liquid texture it is really easy for worms to process.

However due to the same liquid texture, problems may arise because the pulp is too wet and this can cause the system to go anaerobic quite easily.

If it is only a small operation (or you are making cider at home) then try separating most of the liquid from the solids first. You can simply do this by passing the pulp mixture through a cloth, and then squeeze out the remaining juices.

The solids which are left should be great from dumping into your worm bin.

If you are a large operation however, investing in a dewatering machine may be a good idea. This machine basically applies pressure and squeezes out most of the moisture from the solids.

Do beware that if you are trying to grow the worm population, apple pulp by itself will not have enough nutritional value and protein for worms to grow in.

You will need to mix the pulp with other waste which contains more nutrition such as potatoes and even manure.

Happy cider making!

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