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The Business & Biology Of Raising Composting Worms

This is the “Worm Farming Secrets” exclusive manual for our valued members. Please be sure to provide feedback once you’ve had a good read. We hope to expand it overtime based on your feedback and a lot of work has already gone into it, so your feedback is much appreciated...

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  • Whitepapers & More

    This section contains informative whitepapers & other documentation that can assist you in different aspects of your own vermiculture projects – largely comprised of information released from government and environmental agencies in order to enhance the development of vermiculture…
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  • Worm Bin & Bed Plans

    This section contains various different worm bin and bed plans you can replicate to setup your own verimculture operations…
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  • Teaching Materials

    Contains various teaching materials for teachers to use in their classroom worm farming projects, including lessons and activities to teach the valuable aspects of worm farming to your students….
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