Organic Pest & Disease Control With Worm Composting

Here’s a nice success story sent in from a reader that you might find interesting (and familiar too if you’ve been composting with worms for any length of time)…

“We live in a Retirement Village and space is limited so it is not possible to have a compost heap. As an alternative, I started a worm farm in our garage four years ago and it has been a great success, largely due to Duncan Carver’s excellent newsletter.

I have not purchased any fertiliser, or bug spray, since then and our garden has never looked better or healthier. The leachate, diluted 20:1, is an excellent liquid fertiliser and foliar spray but I believe that the Worm Tea is even better.

I have three 25 litre buckets which go in rotation. I have an aquarium pump, half a litre of worm castings, weighted down in an old stocking, and two tablespoons of molasses, maturing for two days and then watered over any plants, or lawn, which require nourishment.

Having three buckets means that, before starting, the tap water has stood for four days which is sufficient time to allow the chlorine to dissipate. Our garden is small (about 600 square metres) and our vegetable peelings are quite sufficient to keep the system operating.

It seems to me that all my plants are much healthier than previously and the bugs, such as aphids and rust, no longer appear. If they did, I would simply apply a foliar spray of dilute leachate. My sincere thanks to Duncan Carver for his excellent advice.” ~ Graham Harington – Cape Town, South Africa

Cool aye?

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