Can Compost Worms Be Used For Fish Bait & Chicken Feed?

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“Can these worms be used for fish bait or can chickens safely feed on them?” ~ May Green

We got a lot of questions asking whether worms can be safely fed to fish and chickens. The answer to both is.. YES!

We’ve mentioned fish as bait, and as for chickens, they LOVE worms.

It gives them their protein intake and that is one reason why it is important to let your chickens roam free, so that they can go around digging to find their worms. I even know of one worm farmer who is having trouble preventing his chickens from picking off all the worms from his farm!

He has a windrow worm farm and covers it with a sheet of plastic. The clever little chicks started scratching away the sides to get down into the worms. They were like a child in a candy store! The clever thing the farmer did was to lay strips of carpet down the sides to stop the chickens from scratching through.

So how can you feed the chickens worms?

You can feed them directly, by tossing the worms out to them or placing them on a plate. The more preferred way is to dry the worms out (in a greenhouse or even an oven). You will get a flattened worm jerky which can be crumbled down and added to a mix of food.

Worm is about 80% protein, and provides a great supplement with your feed.

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