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Worm Composting Book...

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The Worm Inn: The Most Breathable Continuous Flow Worm Composting System...

This is "Worm Farming Secrets" most recommended worm composting system for indoor (and sheltered outdoor) hobby use. Nothing beats it. Simply add your organic waste into the top, let your worms do their thing, then remove your nutrient rich worm castings from the bottom ready for the garden...

The Worm Inn Worm Composting System...

Benefits Of The Worm Inn...

Here are just a few of the benefits of using a Worm Inn worm composting system in comparison to using standard worm composting bins...

  • No odors - highly breathable bag eliminates any odor.
  • Avoids “muddy”, "clumped together" worm castings.
  • No tedious sorting of worm stacking trays.
  • Productive use & elimination of food waste.
  • Significant home garbage reduction.
  • Keep it in a cupboard, your garage, your utility room, basement, perfect for the classroom...
  • Amazing production of rich worm fertilizer for plants and gardens..
  • Mesh covering.
  • Zipper attachment.
  • Available in multiple colors and patterns.
  • Secure toggles for easy release of vermicast.
  • Made out of durable, water-resistant material.
  • No smell MAXIMUM air flow system.
  • No more muddy castings.
  • Kids LOVE it – great for classroom settings.

Available Colors & Styles...

The Worm Inn comes in a wide range of colors to match your taste (green, brown, camo, red) – and the stand kit is included at no extra cost no matter what color you choose…



The Worm Inn Worm Composting System...



How To Use...


Choose a shady location for your Worm Inn. Direct sunlight can easily harm your worms.


Hang The Worm Inn. You can use a laundry stand, a tv tray stand, or the custom stand kit (included with your purchase). Zip ties are also included with the kit as they work very well for hanging the unit.


Pull the ropes on the bottom of The Worm Inn, and lock the toggles to close.


Place a bowl or a bucket underneath The Worm Inn to catch any moisture drops.


Fill the Worm Inn half full with damp fluffed bedding. You can use damp fluffed newspaper, cardboard, Coconut Coir, or even well washed Peat Moss.


Add your composting worms (Recommend 1-3 pounds of worms).


Add your fruit and vegetable scraps. As with any composting unit, bury your scraps in the bedding.


Water your Inn when it needs water, keeping the bedding damp. You can water right through the mesh top.


When the worms have processed the scraps and the bedding, simply open the toggles on the bottom and control the output of the castings (think of milking a cow), into a bowl or a bucket.


When you see some unfinished material simply pull the toggles shut and put the unfinished scraps back into The Worm Inn for further processing.

What's Happening On The Inside...

As the system settles, the worms move upwards, digesting the microbial waste of the food, which results in worm castings, a rich fertilizer. These castings (or vermicast) are left below as the worms constantly move upwards toward more food. This “continuous flow” of regularly adding food scraps and bedding, and then harvesting the castings from the bottom makes indoor composting practical and fun for anyone…

Order Your Worm Inn Now...

NOTE: The “Custom Stand” is a stand kit. You will need to purchase 3 - 10 foot segments of 3/4 pvc ($1.50 each available at every hardware store). The segments need to be cut to: 4 x 36? (legs) and 8 x 18? (sides). Most hardware stores will cut these for you & this simply allows use to reduce our shipping costs for you. It would costs 4x as much to ship the pvc pieces to you than to simply buy them yourself.

The Worm Inn Stand Kit...

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The Worm Inn Worm Composting System...
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Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery to USA & Canada.

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The Worm Inn Worm Composting System...
Please Select The Color Of Your Worm Inn...

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery Internationally.