Worm Farming – Past, Present, Future;

I must admit that it was a daunting task trying to come up with a good starting place for our new ‘feature articles’ series. We’ve come a long way, and covered a lot of ground since the very first Worm Farming Secrets newsletter was released, more than a year ago. Guided primarily by reader demand,…

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Harvesting Composting Worms On A Large Scale

“I’m in Botswana and manage an organic farm. We have been using earthworms (Eisenia foetida) to make vermicompost using rumen content and manure from our local abattoir, for about 7 months. We’re ready to start harvesting, but we’re doing it on a large scale and have been scratching our heads trying to figure out how…

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Purchasing Red Worms From A Bait Store

“Are red worms from a bait store the same as the red worms that I would order from gardening catalogs? Thanks,” ~ Sandy Hi Sandy – That is a good question since it highlights the limitations of relying solely on ‘common names’. I’m sure there are a lot of bait shops that carry ‘Red Worms’,…

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