Worm Farming For School Project

“I am a Science Specialist at Birney Elementary School in Georgia and would like to start an earthworm farm for our school garden. Is this an expensive venture? We are a title one school. Is there a way to get funding to help with this that you are aware of?” ~ Denise Laudani Hi Denise,…

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White Worms In a Worm Composting System

“Help, I am about to plant seeds and want to use the beautiful soil my worms gave me over the winter. There are lots of little white nematodes, I can not find my booklet, are they a problem for the seedlings?” ~ Trudy Cox Hi Trudy, The worms in your worm soil are actually most…

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Composting With European Nightcrawlers

“Need information on the European nightcrawler, and how to build a home for up to twenty five pounds of worms.” ~ Jeff Hacker Hi Jeff, The European Nightcrawler (also known as the Belgian Nightcrawler) is a worm that has gained a lot of popularity in North America over the years. Like its close relative the…

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